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What Makes Swansea University an Entrepreneurial University?

What Makes Swansea University an Entrepreneurial University?

In the third of our series Swansea University describes why they have been shortlisted for the UK’s Outstanding Entrepreneurial University of the Year.


Enterprise and entrepreneurship are at the heart of innovation at Swansea University. As a research-intensive institution, our vision is to be a leading global university that is renowned for empowering individuals to create a positive change in the world through enterprise, innovation and partnership, creating a lasting legacy of impact and added value that enriches the lives of individuals and communities.  

As one of our five pillars, we continue to enhance our entrepreneurial reputation by advancing an open, trusted and dynamic environment for collaboration, creativity, and opportunity-taking within our staff and student community, and with our partners.  

Nurturing talent has been key to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and succeed.

We were proud to showcase this on a global scale in 2022 when we hosted the prestigious International Entrepreneurship Educators conference. 

Our programmes, such as (Agor) Open Innovation and Accelerate have established a national reputation for open innovation.  

…each faculty featuring a compulsory enterprise-based module for their first year students.” 

Entrepreneurship is currently embedded in 44 modules, each faculty featuring a compulsory enterprise based module for their first year students. This has empowered 14,886 learners over the last 5 years, making a positive impact with their entrepreneurial mindset. Hackathons and “real life” skill development opportunities in the curriculum are invaluable for our students; For example: the Faculty of Science and Engineering support “Invent for the Planet” where student teams solve modern day challenges in just 48 hours. With 350 scholars from 15 international locations, representing 24 universities across the globe, this is led by our strategic partners Texas A&M University, and this year, our Swansea team were world winners at the Texas Grand Final.  

Feedback from Participants:  

“If you are interested in self-development beyond the university syllabus, Invent for the Planet is amazing opportunity to learn and put your skills to test.” 

“One of the most memorable experience I have had since coming to Swansea University.” 

Our suite of extracurricular enterprise activities has been designed to support the entrepreneur at any level on their “start-up journey”; including bespoke 1-2-1 business support with our entrepreneurs in residence, mentorship programmes with our alumni community, opportunities to trade on and off campus, networking opportunities, growth and funding opportunities at our bi-annual Big Pitch competition and business bootcamps. Over the past 5 years, 232 start-ups have been created and over £196,755.93 has been raised from Alumni donations, Santander Universities and event sponsorship and awarded directly to nurture the establishment and growth of these businesses.  

Recognising that universities are breeding grounds for innovation; we are passionate about creating entrepreneurial researchers. 

From training opportunities, and masterclasses in pitching,  intellectual property & commercialisation “bench to Market” and “Communicating with industry” workshops and “Not all roads lead to academia” panel sessions has enabled researchers to translate research into business opportunities, which has had a positive impact from their research.  

In summary, we continue to demonstrate and enhance our reputation as an exceptionally collaborative and entrepreneurial university. We were founded by industry, for industry, and we remain true to the ambitions of our founders in that we work with an entrepreneurial spirit with our partners to maximise impact regionally and globally. The Swansea region is also recognised as the 4th best place in the UK for starting a business and Swansea University continues to be ranked in the Top 10 for number of UK spinouts, according to RAeng Spin out report 2023. 

What would it mean for you to win Outstanding Entrepreneurial University of the Year?

Enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation is at the heart of the university and one of five of our key “pillars”. Winning the award for Outstanding Entrepreneurial University of the Year would be an honour. It would mean recognition for our students, our staff and our partners who work incredibly hard to inspire, encourage, support, invest and grow enterprise and entrepreneurship at Swansea University with a focus on supporting social, environmental and economic prosperity for the region.   

Developing entrepreneurial talent is truly embedded at Swansea University and through our efforts, our strategies, staff and support, Swansea will continue to create a truly skilled and connected entrepreneurial community. 

Professor Paul Boyle, Vice Chancellor of Swansea University said:

“For Swansea University, winning the Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurial University would demonstrate to our stakeholders, students and staff that our commitment to enterprise is leading the way in the sector, while supporting and contributing to our local businesses and economy. 

It would be a reflection of the values at the heart of our Enterprise Strategy, and of the hard work of our staff to cultivate a truly entrepreneurial environment at Swansea University.” 

Programme details: Join us for “Entrepreneurial Universities Week 2023′ with daily FREE webinars, 12-1pm (UK).



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