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Entrepreneurial University Award

Entrepreneurial University Award

Announcing our new accreditation service: the Entrepreneurial University Award

We’re excited to announce our new Entrepreneurial University Award, recognising entrepreneurial universities and colleges. Drawing on two decades of collaborative experience with universities, sector bodies and governments, our Award service provides a complete package for assessing, building and rewarding entrepreneurial capacity within your college or higher education institution.

We offer a rigorous, comprehensive approach to accreditation, supported by independent review panels. We have designed a streamlined and flexible process, tailored to complement your existing work, reflect the diverse contexts within which you operate, and provide an opportunity for self-reflection along the way.

There will be four application windows a year. The next application window closes 31 May 2024.

(Une version française du formulaire de manifestation d’intérêt est disponible ici 🇫🇷)

What are the benefits of the Award?

Recognition & Validation
Earn the award of an entrepreneurial university, with a badge recognising your leadership, culture and activity – perfect for reflecting the achievements of staff, enhancing your website and prospectus, and more.
Enhanced Visibility
Give yourself a marketing edge and amplify your institution’s appeal to prospective students. Showcase your societal relevance to communities, government, and society.
Global Community Membership
Join a vibrant, global network of accredited entrepreneurial universities, and feature your profile on our website. Awarded institutions are automatically Premium members of the Global Alliance, worth £1,685 a year.
Exclusive Opportunities
Get priority access to participation in externally-funded programmes and activities as a validated entrepreneurial university.
Comprehensive Report
Gain valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement. Our report will help you articulate your institution’s role and its transformative potential, offering tailored recommendations and a roadmap for further development.
Discounted Programmes
Receive discounted fees for our various Entrepreneurial Leadership programmes and masterclasses.

How does the Award process work?

Complete a basic expression of interest form. We will have a no-obligation call to discuss the process, and what we are looking for.

Our team will conduct a visit to your institution. Following this, you will receive a summary report with tips for the full application.

Fill out an application form and submit supporting evidence.

Your application will be thoroughly evaluated by a panel of experts.

Successful applicants will receive the Entrepreneurial University Award for a three-year term, with exceptional institutions earning a five-year accreditation. In the event your application is not successful, you will receive specific feedback and an opportunity to resubmit your application within a specified timeframe, at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our award service is designed to validate and promote your university’s entrepreneurial activities and capabilities. It is a badge of recognition that showcases your commitment to innovation and societal relevance. It gives you a roadmap for development. Additionally, it grants you access to a global community of accredited entrepreneurial universities and potential participation in externally-funded programmes and activities.

There are four application windows a year, closing at the end of January, March, May and October. You can submit your interest today to be in the next cohort of institutions for accreditation.

The duration of the process is usually no longer than 12 weeks from submission to final decision (subject to completing a site visit). However, we strive to ensure that the process is lean and efficient, and we will keep you updated at each stage.

The process includes a basic eligibility check, a site visit, an application form with several open-ended questions, and a review by an independent panel of experts. You will also be required to submit supporting evidence. If an application is not initially successful, there is an opportunity to receive feedback and resubmit the application once at no extra cost.

Successful applicants will receive accreditation valid for a three-year term. Exceptional institutions that demonstrate particularly strong entrepreneurial values and capabilities may be granted the award for a five-year term.

There is a one-off fee for the site visit (£1,000 plus travel expenses) and the application (£6,000). There is an annual renewal fee (£3,000) payable every 12 months thereafter (plus VAT for UK institutions). The institution applying for accreditation is responsible for paying reasonable expenses for the cost of the site visit. Included in the cost is Premium membership of the Global Alliance of Entrepreneurial Universities (worth £1,685 a year). Existing Premium members receive a discount on the Award fees.

The award brings multiple benefits, including recognition of your entrepreneurial activity, enhanced visibility, access to a global community as a Premium member of the Global Alliance of Entrepreneurial Universities (worth £1,685 a year), potential participation in external programmes, a detailed insight report, and free and discounted places on our programmes and masterclasses.

In the event your application is not successful, you will receive specific feedback and have an opportunity to resubmit your application once within a specified window, at no additional cost (unless a further site visit is required).

The application form is an opportunity for you to demonstrate how you are an entrepreneurial university. This will include evidence of policies, leadership, and culture; how you develop entrepreneurial people; your impact on students, the wider community, and society; and your institution’s future plans for this area. There are several open-ended questions, and full guidance will be provided.

The exact type of evidence will depend on the nature of your institution and the specifics of your application. However, this could include strategic plans, policy documents, data relating to participation or impact, and documentation relating to entrepreneurial activities. We may also ask for further supporting evidence as part of the site visit.

Based on the evaluation of your application by the external review panel, the report will highlight your institution’s strengths and areas for further development or enhancement. The tailored recommendations provide specific, actionable steps that your institution can take to further enhance its impact as an entrepreneurial university, and as part of a broader roadmap for development.

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