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Top tips for your Entrepreneurial University Award application

Top tips for your Entrepreneurial University Award application

Ready to showcase your university’s entrepreneurial excellence by applying for the Entrepreneurial University Award?

In this four-part mini-series, we are covering: 

  1. The benefits of the Award (Monday) 
  2. How the Award works (yesterday) 
  3. Top tips for your application (today) 
  4. Next steps and how to get started (tomorrow).

Use these top tips to craft a standout application: 

  1. Demonstrate innovative, transformational impact that aligns with your mission and context. Show what you are doing – and why. 
  2. Showcase opportunities for students and staff to gain entrepreneurial skills for career success and/or societal or economic contributions. Provide examples of real-world programmes and activities. 
  3. Describe your engagement with local communities, governments, businesses, and other organisations. These partnerships are the foundation of your influence. 
  4. Cite statistical data, participation rates, and outcomes that quantify your initiatives’ success, where applicable. Contextualise these. Numbers can help tell the story. 
  5. Balance your successes with honest self-appraisal. Discuss limitations and improvements to demonstrate reflective leadership. 
  6. Make explicit connections between activities across leadership, culture, academics and engagement. Show alignment. 
  7. Provide links to documented policies, strategic plans, or governance structures that formalise your commitments. 
  8. Contextualise answers within your unique history and strengths. One size does not fit all universities. 
  9. Assume reviewers have zero prior familiarity with your institution when explaining activities and context. 
  10. Follow word counts and refer to evidence elsewhere (policies, press releases, evaluations etc.) to keep your answers concise.

With these tips, you are ready to submit an application that convinces reviewers your university deserves the Entrepreneurial University Award. 

Tomorrow we will cover how to get started with your Award application. If you are interested in being part of the first cohort (closing 28 March 2024), express your interest today or schedule a 1:1 call with the team to learn more. 

Visit our Award webpage, download a factsheet, and express your interest today!

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