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What we have learnt about entrepreneurial leadership? Be a Weeble

What we have learnt about entrepreneurial leadership? Be a Weeble

What is known is that change in higher education is a constant – whether we are seeking to improve, address new challenges, or build new initiatives.  Over the last few weeks our Emerging Entrepreneurial Leaders programme has been running, offering an opportunity for heads of schools and services amongst others to be more entrepreneurial, lead change and make change stick.  We’ve seen leaders face low student satisfaction rates, retention and recruitment issues as well as difficulty in finding the time to lead strategic change and turn things around.  What did we learn to be more effective?

  • Know your own purpose as a leader and be clear on your narrative of change
  • Identify your top three success factors
  • Always ask ‘why’, without always accepting the status quo
  • Operationalise a culture of change, and empower your team
  • Taking people with you needs the investment in time
  • Get out of silos and cultivate relationships across your organisation
  • Be purposeful but be ready to be agile and adaptable
  • Make it stick by commitment to your vision
  • Find time for strategic thinking, blocking time out in your diary. 

Importantly, be a Weeble, and develop your resilience.  Regularly review, and if it does not work, recognise it, change your approach and get back up again.

To find out more about Emerging Entrepreneurial Leaders, and join our programme in May 2024, visit

A big thank you to our speakers: Cathy Lambert, Shaun Hides, David Amigoni, Hany Wells, Matt Webster, and the programme director (who loves a Weeble).

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