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What Makes Brunel an Entrepreneurial University?

What Makes Brunel an Entrepreneurial University?

In the first of our series Brunel University describes why they have been shortlisted for the UK’s Outstanding Entrepreneurial University of the Year.

At Brunel University London, entrepreneurship and innovation are woven into the fabric of our institution. Our commitment to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among all our students, regardless of their background, sets us apart as a pioneering university.

Our dedication to this mission is substantiated by our noteworthy rankings, such as being placed 6th in the UK for student social mobility by the IFS and the Sutton Trust in November 2021. Additionally, we are proud to have secured the 4th spot among UK universities for producing highly employable graduates, according to the Global University Employability Ranking 2022.

Under the strategic guidance of our Pro Vice Chancellor for Enterprise and Employment, we have established mutually beneficial international, national, and local partnerships. Among them is Plus X in Hayes, a co-working space with specialised ‘maker’ facilities that offers invaluable hands-on entrepreneurship opportunities to our students and graduates.

“…nurturing not only entrepreneurial skills but also transferable skills that are vital for success as intrapreneurs in future workplaces”


The Brunel Entrepreneur Hub stands as a pillar of comprehensive support, offering advice and guidance to both current students and recent graduates. This hub is dedicated to nurturing not only entrepreneurial skills but also transferable skills that are vital for success as intrapreneurs in future workplaces. We host individual business idea feedback sessions and deliver Start-Up and Freelancer incubator programmes that provide personalised support from seasoned specialists.

We offer up to £30,000 funding, with a proportion of it provided by Santander Universities UK, through our annual Freelancer and Start-up competitions, enabling students to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into reality. We take pride in our students’ achievements in various events and competitions, including The London Venture Crawl, Santander X, the London Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition, and The Tata Varsity Pitch Competition.

The Brunel Entrepreneur Hub extends its support to students considering a Self-Employed Placement year, and we actively collaborate with academic departments to embed entrepreneurship into the curriculum. Our dedication to integrating enterprise and entrepreneurship activities throughout the academic curriculum is exemplified by initiatives like ‘Blueprints,’ an annual student-led showcase event highlighting real-world design solutions.

Our university community values interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches, embracing the unique needs and objectives of our diverse community. We also recognise the significance of extra-curricular enterprise and entrepreneurship activities through our Brunel Plus award.

Additionally, our partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees culminates in the annual READY programme, challenging students to design solutions for real-life problems faced by displaced populations in Zambia.

Our involvement in the Design Factory network facilitates global collaboration, working across national and professional discipline boundaries to design practical solutions to real world problems.

What would it mean for you to win Outstanding Entrepreneurial University of the Year?

Earning the prestigious title of Outstanding Entrepreneurial University would be a transformative moment for Brunel University London, aligning perfectly with our institutional vision and mission.

This would serve as a powerful testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within our academic community. It would validate our core values and underscore the pivotal role of entrepreneurship in our educational approach.

The impact of this recognition would extend to academics and industry partners, who share our fervour for entrepreneurship and innovation. This in turn would amplify our already dynamic and vibrant academic community.

This achievement would set us apart, unlocking new opportunities for funding and investment in our entrepreneurial programmes, allowing us to expand our initiatives and provide even more robust support to our students and graduates so that they can transform their ideas into thriving ventures. These partnerships could lead to even more life-changing opportunities for our students and the
broader community.

Furthermore, this prestigious title would bolster our global collaborations and partnerships. It would strengthen our position as a valuable collaborator, fostering connections with universities and institutions worldwide. This international network would facilitate the exchange of ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions, enriching the educational experience for our students.

Ultimately, achieving the title of Outstanding Entrepreneurial University would serve as a powerful affirmation of our dedication to excellence, innovation, and societal impact. It would have a tangibly positive impact on the entrepreneurial opportunities and life outcomes of our community, expand our global network, broaden our students and graduates’ horizons, and provide invaluable resources
to continue nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within our university and beyond.

Photo credit: Bella Li

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