Impact Days

Due to the success of the previous impact days that we ran in 2014, we ran four more Impact Days along with School For Startups between January and March 2015.

The impact days were specifically designed for educators, managers and leaders in FE and HE who wanted to learn how they can help their institutions to become more entrepreneurial.

Enterprise Educators Leaders in the Entrepreneurial Institution
The events targeted educators in HE and FE and had been designed to support individuals tasked with promoting, facilitating and leading enterprise education in their organisations – enterprise educators. Educators who attended may have be teaching enterprise or seeking to awaken entrepreneurship in their students or supporting others to develop enterprise and entrepreneurship skills.The sessions were providing an opportunity to

  • explore the concepts of enterprise, the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation
  • develop an understanding of NCEE’s ‘9 Masteries of Entrepreneurship Educators’
  • experiment with new pedagogical tools & approaches to entrepreneurial learning
  • meet with experienced enterprise educators & learn from best practices
  • strengthen your own network to support enterprise education activities
  • progress to NCEE programmes such as the International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme
These free development days were designed for managers & leaders in FE & HE who wanted to learn how they could help their institutions to become more entrepreneurial. These events provided an introduction to a selection of the key issues from the EULP. The days offered an exploration of the practical application of the ‘entrepreneurial university’ concept and included:

  • Consideration of how an entrepreneurial mindset can be developed by staff and students
  • Group discussion, sharing of expertise and growth of personal networks
  • Short contributions from, and debate with, senior leaders who will explain how they have dealt with challenges and opportunities within their own institutions
  • Identification of key actions that can be taken to help leaders, staff and students to become more entrepreneurial
29 January 2015, Leeds – Registrations are now closed  10 February 2015, London – Registrations are now closed
12 March 2015, London – Registrations are now closed  17 March 2015, Manchester – Registrations are now closed