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Enterprise Entrepreneurial Leaders

Enterprise Entrepreneurial Leaders

transforming your leadership

Enterprise Entrepreneurial Leaders will provide you with the skills to respond positively and innovatively to the regional and local growth agenda. Our programme will enhance and transform your leadership to build confidence and resilience to implement change and innovation.

Key elements

Our online programme provides the opportunity to learn from, and engage with, inspirational speakers ensuring space and interaction to explore your own change challenges.

The programme is spread over three separate one day sessions enabling you to reflect and implement change. Each day includes presentations, discussion and breakout groups. There is also time allocated for refreshments and a lunch break. Topics covered include:

We explore the challenges and opportunities for higher education as a result of the rapidly changing external landscape. You will gain greater understanding of how this impacts on you, your school/service as well as the wider higher education sector.

We consider entrepreneurial leadership in practice, understanding change theories and how to manage and implement change in practice.

You are encouraged to reflect on your personal leadership and how applying a more creative and entrepreneurial style can impact positively on your university and region. We will consider the difficulties faced and how these can be tackled.

Benefits of attending

By the end of this programme you will:

Who should attend?

The programme is specifically designed for individuals who have a leadership role in enterprise, civic engagement and regional development in universities or colleges.

Course details:

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Apply to join today:
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