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Entrepreneurial University Leaders in Europe

Entrepreneurial University Leaders in Europe

Transforming organisations and leadership

Our Entrepreneurial University Leaders programme will add value to your existing leadership strengths, boosting your confidence to develop creative and innovative solutions, lead organisational change and expand your network of peers to share the challenges. You will be encouraged to reflect on your personal leadership approach and explore the benefits of embracing a more entrepreneurial leadership style to contribute to the achievement of your university’s strategic objectives.

Key elements

The programme is designed to:

During the three modules you will explore how you can create and contribute to the entrepreneurial university, develop your entrepreneurial leadership style and consider context and how it shapes approaches.

Benefits of attending

By the end of this programme you will:

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for senior leaders who have strategic responsibility in their organisation.  It is highly recommended for those who want to increase and strengthen their understanding of their leadership of an organisation.

Course details:

This Programme is also running in the UK. Find out more here.

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