Entrepreneurial Leaders goes Down Under

Past and present Entrepreneurial Leaders will have the chance to visit three outstanding universities in Melbourne to explore the entrepreneurial university overseas, with NCEE’s Entrepreneurial Leaders in Australia Programme.

With alumni from the Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme in leadership positions at RMIT university, our UK partners working in partnership with Deakin University and former UK leaders at Monash, the four day programme due to take place in February 2019 will provide a unique and thought provoking experience.

Australia’s universities are at the global forefront of research in a vast number of fields and are fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for higher education.  The universities rank highly in the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings and have the third highest number of international students in the world behind the UK and US.

Creating an entrepreneurial economy in Australia is a national agenda and the Australian government is currently pursuing a number of entrepreneurial and innovative policies.  Universities have reshaped course offerings, programmes and facilities to equip the next generations with the skills needed to seek out opportunities and become the driving force behind Australia’s economy.

The programme will be highly informative, with significant opportunities to explore the Australian approach to higher education.

Benefits of attending the programme

  • Gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing universities in Australia
  • Extend your global  awareness and enhance your international perspective
  • Experience the region and its drive of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Gain insight into the culture and what is required to lead entrepreneurially
  • Establish a network of international network

For more information about the programme and attending please contact Ceri Nursaw ceri.nursaw@ncee.org.uk