This award, sponsored by the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, is an opportunity to recognise institutions that have embedded entrepreneurial activity into the fabric of their institution to the extent that their environment and culture not only fosters enterprising thinking among all members of its community but also delivers significant entrepreneurial impact at regional, national and international levels.




–  Coventry University
–  Queen’s University Belfast
–  University of Leeds
–  University of Nottingham
–  University of Oxford
–  University of Salford


1. Institutional Environment
a. How has the university transformed its culture to provide environments for supporting student enterprise and graduate entrepreneurship?
b. How is institutional leadership for driving enterprise and entrepreneurship throughout the institution demonstrated?
2. Student Engagement
a. How are the students and graduates applying entrepreneurial behaviours and mindsets learnt from the institutions entrepreneurship offerings?
b. What responses from students and graduates indicate an enhanced positive attitude towards enterprise and entrepreneurship as a career/life choice?
3. Innovative and Entrepreneurial Staff
a. How have staff demonstrated innovation and growth in their approach to the design and delivery of the institution’s enterprise and entrepreneurship offerings?
b. How are staff rewarded and incentives for developing excellence in practice?
4. Entrepreneurial Impact
a. How have the institution’s efforts affected the nature of entrepreneurial outcomes for staff, students and graduates?
b. What step-change has been achieved in the delivery of regional and national entrepreneurship goals?
c. How has the institution captured and demonstrated good practice and effectiveness?
d. In what ways has the institution’s experiences influenced policy or practice elsewhere?

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