Times Higher Education, Outstanding University Entrepreneurship Award

The National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education is the proud sponsor of the Times Higher Education, Outstanding University Entrepreneurship Award. This award recognises an institution that has developed and delivered an exceptional approach to embedding entrepreneurship within its culture and programmes, and which can demonstrate a significant impact at regional, national or international level.

In particular judges will be looking for an institution:

  • Whose vision and strategy place enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation at the heart of the organisation.
  • Where an environment has been created that encourages entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours in staff and students, and ensures that ideas and innovation are nurtured and given the support they need to flourish.
  • Whose approach has affected the nature of entrepreneurial activity among staff, students and alumni and stimulated a strong entrepreneurial impact locally, nationally or internationally.
  • Where the strategic approach to entrepreneurship has the potential to influence and improve other institutions’ work in this area, whether directly or because it is transferable in the sector more widely.

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