Publications and Resources

Publications and Resources

The entrepreneurial university revisited: promoting change in times of uncertainty

This publication is intended to illustrate the approach that underpins Entrepreneurial Leaders by examining, through a series of short articles, the three key themes of the programme in 2017. These are Leading change in higher education, Higher education: trends and future development and The entrepreneurial university in practice.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education: Guidance for UK Higher Education Providers

Described as a landmark document by the British Government’s Chief Entrepreneurial Adviser, and used to inform international initiatives such as the European Commission’s EntreComp Framework, QAA’s 2012 ‘guidance on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship’ has been applied to shape and develop new educational initiatives worldwide. Five years on, we have seen its impact evidenced in new types of courses, new types of learning and new metrics
for success. The purpose of this document is to capture this impact and to provide a future roadmap for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education.
Published: January 2018

EntreComp into Action

EntreComp into Action is a guide for those individuals and organisations who want to use EntreComp, the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, to foster entrepreneurial learning. It illustrates the breadth and depth of potential for using EntreComp to meet different goals and aims to inspire more actors across Europe and beyond to use it as reference.

EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, also known as EntreComp, offers a tool to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organisations. The framework aims to build consensus around a common understanding of entrepreneurship competence by defining 3 competence areas, a list of 15 competences, learning outcomesand proficiency levels, which current and future initiatives can refer to.
Published: 2016

A Compendium of Pedagogies for Teaching Entrepreneurship

Author: Allan Gibb and Alison Price
Published: 2nd Edition, 2014; first published in 2007

Creating the Entrepreneurial University: From Concept Into Practice and Impact

This publication seeks to demonstrate concept, action and impact associated with development of the entrepreneurial university. It is written to familiarise the reader with many of the issues raised and discussed in the Entrepreneurial University Leaders Programme and to share the experiences of some of the past participants. It begins with a preface by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford, outlining some of the innovations that Oxford has introduced in recent years. The second part consists of eleven short vignettes written by senior university personnel who have attended the programme. They are written to enhance the reader’s understanding of how different universities may approach the issue of university enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation.
Published: December 2013

University of the Future

Author: Allan Gibb and Gay Haskins
Published: 2013

Entrepreneurial University Scorecard

Author: Allan Gibb
Published: 2013

University Enterprise Network: Inspiring Enterprise in STEM

The National Centre of Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE) has recently published an evaluative brochure entitled “University Enterprise Network: Inspiring Enterprise in STEM” which was published in August 2013.
Published: August 2013

Entrepreneurial University Strategy

Author: Allan Gibb
Published: 24 February 2012

Leading the Entrepreneurial University. Meeting the Entrepreneurial development Needs of Higher Education Institutions

By way of a substantial review of the literature, the paper sets out the challenges to leadership of universities arising from changes in the global environment and the implications for the entrepreneurial design of the higher education sector. The focus was upon the impact of a growing complex and uncertain environment on key areas of university activity and the leadership challenges involved.
Published: December 2012

Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2012

The National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education, attracted many entries this year and has six highly-impressive finalists, all recognised for their ability to fully integrate entrepreneurial activity throughout their institution.
Published: 2012

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education – 2012 National Survey

The 2012 survey data show an overall improvement in the provision of, and engagement in, enterprise and entrepreneurship across the HE sector in England.
Published: 2012

Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2010/11

Now in its 3rd year the prestigious sponsored by NCGE continues to attract high interest. The 2010/11 finalists are impressive and this year’s winner will join the 2008/09 and 2009/10 winners.
Published: 2011

The 2010 Survey of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

The survey aimed to establish a complete picture of curricular and extra-curricular Enterprise & Entrepreneurship education. Comparison is made with the 2008 European survey of entrepreneurship in HE (NIRAS, 2009).
Published: 2010

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education – 2010 National Survey

The 2010 National Survey, with a response rate of 92%, shows substantial progress has been made on the journey to embedding enterprise and entrepreneurship opportunities for staff, students and graduates across all campuses.
Published: 2010

Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs

Unlocking entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the global challenges of the 21st Century. A Report of the Global Education Initiative
Author: Christine Volkmann, Karen E. Wilson, Steve Mariotti, Daniel Rabuzzi, Shailendra Vyakarnam, Ana Sepulveda
Published: April 2009

Leading the Entrepreneurial University

Meeting the entrepreneurial development needs of higher education institutions
Author: Allan Gibb, Gay Haskins, Ian Robertson
Published: October 2009

Developing Entrepreneurial Graduates

Putting entrepreneurship at the centre of higher education
Author: Keith Herrmann, Professor Paul Hannon, Dr Juliet Cox, Philip Ternouth
Published: September 2008

Towards the Entrepreneurial University. Entrepreneurship education as a lever for change.

Author: Emeritus Professor Allan Gibb OBE
Published: 2005

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