Research Fellows

NCEE Research Fellows

NCEE is entering a new and exciting period and we would love you to be part of it.

Our enterprise and entrepreneurship work continues to go from strength-to-strength.

Our Entrepreneurial Leaders programme, our enterprise educators training programmes, and our conference, are already well established.

We are also supporting UK institutions to develop and grow their enterprise work and entrepreneurial capacity. Added to this we have also just launched an innovative partnership in China where we will lead the development of higher-education entrepreneurship curriculum. The partnership will develop the entrepreneurial leadership skills of Chinese university leaders and establish 2+2 degrees with Chinese and UK institutions.

To support the development of our research agenda we want researchers with an interest in innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship to work with us as NCEE Research Fellows. If you are an experienced researcher in the field of enterprise, entrepreneurship or innovation we would interested in hearing from you.

Through our relationships and networks (particularly those in China) we have access to funding that can cover overseas visit expenses (such as travel and subsistence).

However, we are also keen to explore opportunities for joint research proposals and access to our wider network. Initially opportunities are expected to involve partnerships with Chinese institutions building on our partnership with Sinocampus and the Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange, but are expected to expand to other countries and to in the UK.

The work of NCEE has been built on strong research and we want to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship and enterprise education.

Working with NCEE you could:

  • Devise and lead research visits overseas (for example, in China)
  • Develop new research proposals utilising NCEE’s enterprise and entrepreneurship networks and expertise
  • Support the development of research and its impact on practice
  • Research the effectiveness of enterprise and entrepreneurial interventions

Working as a Research Fellow can give you:

  • Access to new opportunities both in the UK and overseas
  • Opportunities to research enterprise and entrepreneurial education both in UK and overseas contexts
  • Engagement with a national organisation that works across the sector
  • Access to new relationships and networks

Who are we looking for?

Experienced researchers who:

  • Have research interests in the field of enterprise, entrepreneurship or a related field
  • Can interpret the impact of their research within a practical setting
  • Can translate the UK experience internationally

More information about the work of NCEE can be found on our website.

For an initial discussion about joining the team please contact Erica Brice (02476 158125 /

To apply please send your CV and a covering letter outlining your relevant research interests to Erica Brice ( Following selection suitable candidates will be included on our register.

Further information

  • If your application to become a Research Fellow is approved you will be placed on our register that will detail your interest and expertise. We will work with you directly to develop opportunities or you may be contacted as opportunities become available.
  • Research Fellows will be contracted on a project-by-project basis.
  • Research Fellows will be active researchers within higher education
  • There is no guarantee of work unless specifically contracted.
  • NCEE reserve the right to terminate the Research Fellow programme.
  • During the period of engagement you would be expected to act in the best interests of NCEE.