Creating the conditions for entrepreneurship and in particular for the development of entrepreneurial graduates, education institutions and support organisations is essential. Policy-makers and shapers establish the national and regional frameworks that can either enhance or inhibit entrepreneurial learning and development.

Governments and industry alike around the globe understand this is not an option. Equally it is recognised that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that can work across the diversity of contexts within which entrepreneurial learning and application has relevance.
Developing concepts and models, policies and practices, structures and processes that have impact are important opportunities for identifying and sharing experiences and improving the effectiveness of what we do.

NCEE works closely with a wide range of key partners and support many organisations to ensure we are continuously finding better ways to deliver economic prosperity and social well-being.  We commission and publish reports in key areas that aim to shed light on policy issues. For example:

  1. Leading the Entrepreneurial University‘ published by NCGE with Said Business School and co-authored by Emeritus Professor Allan Gibb; Gay Haskins; and Ian Robertson
  2. Educating The Next Wave of Entrepreneurs‘ published by the World Education Forum’s Global Education Initiative and supported by NCGE through the Technical Advisory Group
  3. Developing Entrepreneurial Graduates – Putting Entrepreneurship at the Centre of Higher Education‘ co-authored by NCEE, NESTA and CIHE

NCEE also provides a regular snapshot of the state of enterprise and entrepreneurship provision and engagement  through its mapping surveys. These have been published regularly for England and surveys have also been carried out for Wales and Ireland. NCEE is now considering an alternative approach involving the analysis of existing data sets (e.g. University projects, NSS, HECSU, HEBIS, DLHE and other regional and national surveys) to provide a commentary on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in the sector on an annual or biennial basis.