What is IEEP?

The International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme (IEEP) brought together leading experts in the field and provided a focused way of sharing best practices in this emerging cross disciplinary area.

IEEP was specifically designed to support, inform and enable individuals tasked with promoting, facilitating and leading enterprise education in their organisations – enterprise educators – who create entrepreneurial outcomes for others. Please click on the following link for further information:

Participants worked in higher or further education teaching enterprise or were seeking ways of awakening entrepreneurship in students and staff engaged in their subject area. Some participants had a supporting role in relation to enterprise education and entrepreneurship.

The course:

  • built knowledge and skills applied to a wide-range approach and provided tools to becoming an effective entrepreneurship educator
  • deepened the understanding of the venture creation and management process
  • enabled participants to demonstrate entrepreneurial leadership capacities within an educational context
  • facilitated the exploitation of participants’ potential as future leaders in the field of entrepreneurship education.

IEEP helped participants to play a strategic and practical role in enabling their institution or organisation to become an entrepreneurial university or college, unlocking the potential of its staff, students and graduates.

IEEP was offered as a full six module programme leading to IEEP Fellowship.

IEEP Fellows

IEEP participants became accredited by becoming an NCEE IEEP Fellow. IEEP Fellows were a specialised network, where members continued to share their best practice.