Entrepreneurial Leaders 2018 programme update


Our entrepreneurial leadership programme has never been so relevant. Uncertainty and a rapidly evolving landscape is forcing universities and entrepreneurial leaders to respond to a challenging and complex set of issues that affect higher education. The programme helps university leaders drive change, providing concepts and strategies to respond to the changing environment.

Professor Lesley Dobree has joined us as Programme Director. She has held a range of senior posts including Dean of Faculty and, for 13 years, until this July was Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Anglia Ruskin University. Lesley was a participant on the programme in 2012 and has been a supporter of the programme ever since.

Liz Bromley is our Ambassador. Liz is not only supporting the development of the programme but also promoting its benefits within higher education. Liz is Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Central Lancashire and is responsible for the university’s planning processes, international strategy, student administration, communications and marketing. Prior to this Liz spent four years as Registrar and Secretary of Goldsmiths, University of London. Liz was a participant on the 2014 programme and has since been a tutor.

The early bird offer for applications received is set to end on the 29th September. If you would like to see more information, please follow the link where you can find out more details and download our brochure www.ncee.org.uk/leadership/

If you would like to see what Entrepreneurial Leaders Ambassador Liz Bromley had to say about the programme, please see the video below.