NCEE HE Green Paper Response

The Government’s higher education Green Paper sets out proposals to place students at the centre of a reshaped higher education landscape, with a focus on improving the quality of teaching, widening participation, and enhancing student choice. You can read our response below.

The National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE) supports many of the principles within the Green Paper. NCEE works with higher education institutions to support their leaders, staff and students in the development of enterprise and entrepreneurship through training programmes and curriculum design.  We are recognised internationally for our work, for example we have an exclusive relationship with partners in China to develop enterprise/entrepreneurship within their higher education system.

We welcome many of the suggestions for the Teaching Excellence Framework.  However, we would suggest that there is a more explicit reference to enterprising and entrepreneurship skills and education within the Framework.  If we are to continue to have a productive economy we will need to produce graduates who have the skills and attributes to thrive in an increasingly complex and challenging world.  Developing entrepreneurship and enterprise skills for both within the workplace or to establish a new company will be essential for successful graduates. We would welcome more explicit engagement across the higher education sector in the development of curriculum and teaching methods.

We strongly support the Government’s desire to continue to open higher education up to those from all backgrounds and ensure that they have successful outcomes at the end of their course.  We believe that graduates from lower socio-economic groups do not choose more enterprising or entrepreneurial options, instead moving into more ‘guaranteed’ professions or roles.  We would wish to encourage graduates from lower socio-economic groups to have the confidence to move into other forms of employment and would welcome working with the Department, Office for Students and others on this development.

Keith Burnley
Chief Executive Officer
12th January 2016

Link to the green paper is here.