Opportunities with NCEE

NCEE is entering a new and exciting period and we would love you to be part of it.  Our enterprise and entrepreneurship work continues to go from strength to strength. We want researchers and enterprise practitioners to work with us and become Enterprise Associates, Research Associates or Research Fellows.  There are immediate opportunities building on our new China venture in partnership with Sinocampus and the Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange but further opportunities are expected to develop within the UK and in other countries.

Enterprise Associates opportunities will be available on a fractional basis with salary and salary on costs covered.  For those interested in research roles we can offer access to funding that can cover overseas visit expenses (such as travel and subsistence) but we would also be keen to explore opportunities for joint research proposals and access to our wider network.

Whether you are looking for new developmental challenges, want to engage more fully in the national enterprise agenda, build your international experience and profile, explore new or innovative research or want to experience working with a different organisation we would be interested in hearing from you. For more information click here.