Upcoming summer schools from Ent-Ex & Start Up Republic

We are excited to share some news regarding some upcoming summer schools from our friends at Ent-Ex & Start Up Republic.


Ent-Ex is a young entrepreneur-led project whose goal is to help young people develop entrepreneurial skills, essential whatever their future career.

Working with student organisations and young entrepreneurs throughout Europe to promote responsible Entrepreneurship, Ent-Ex will run six entrepreneurship summer schools during June – July 2015 in London, Lille, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Porto.

Each 4 day workshop-style event will follow a unique approach based on ‘learning by doing’. Ent-Ex does not promise a foolproof theory of how to be a successful entrepreneur, of how to build a successful business plan, nor of how to get finance from a dream investor.

Instead Ent-Ex helps its participants to learn from successful entrepreneurs those skills they have which have made them successful, and how they have developed them. And as they explain how they’ve used their skills to build their success, Ent-Ex participants get to see a variety of business approaches and models, and to pick up hints and tips to help their own.

An experienced coaching team helps them through the 4 day programme to develop some of these essential skills including: working in teams, networking, creative problem solving and effective influencing.

For more information visit www.ent-ex.eu 

Workshop fee: 190 Euros

Catalyst – The London Start Up Summer School

What is the Catalyst Summer School?
Catalyst is a 4 week non-residential, intensive programme set in one of  London’s hottest startup spaces, Central Working, Whitechapel
(www.centralworking.com) which runs from the 29th June – 24th July 2015. Over these four weeks you will take your business idea and turn it into an investible business.

Who is it for?
The school is aimed at current students and recent graduates who are interested in starting their own business.

How does it work?
Each week develops the skills and knowledge needed to build a business. On Monday’s and Tuesday’s dynamic, interactive workshops are held, followed by a team challenge and the opportunity to work on your own businesses with the support of our mentors.

Each Friday you pitch the results from your challenge to the group. There is also the opportunity to present your business and any challenges you might be facing in bringing it to market to get support from leading entrepreneurs and the other students. After the pitching there is the chance to grab a few drinks, chill out and network with the wider start up community.

Dates: 29th June – 24th July 2015
Venue: Central Working Whitechapel, London
Time: 10:00 – 17:30 each day (Monday, Tuesday & Friday)
Cost: £500 per place
Website: www.startuprep.org