NCEE launches 2014 programme of events for colleagues working with students and staff to promote enterprise in education.

We are delighted to kick-off our 2014 enterprise educator programme of events with a free 1 day ‘taster’ event on 30th January 2014.  Following the success of last year’s “Impact Days” NCEE is once again working with the School for Start ups’ as part of the Entrepreneurs and Education Programme.

This ‘Impact day for Enterprise Educators’  will take place at Manchester Metropolitan University and will provide an introduction to NCEE’s approach and philosophy to enterprise and entrepreneurship education and showcase best practices from the North West Enterprise Champions Project.

If you are involved in teaching enterprise, or are tasked with awakening entrepreneurship in students or supporting others to create their own businesses this free event will be able to help by,

  • exploring the concepts of enterprise, the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation
  • developing an understanding of NCEE’s ‘9 Masteries of Entrepreneurship Educators’
  • trying out innovative pedagogical tools & approaches to entrepreneurial learning
  • meeting with experienced enterprise educators & learn from best practices
  • strengthening your own network to support enterprise education activities
  • understanding ways of continuing your enterprise education professional development through the  International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme

To book your ‘Impact Day for Enterprise Educators’  place, please complete the form here

In 2014 we also plan to offer our International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme (IEEP) in a new delivery format.  This will offer a new ‘exit’ level of “IEEP Associate” which can be achieved after three modules and successful submission of written portfolio. This new approach is planned to be a cost effective way to access key aspects of the IEEP programme, themed to focus upon one on key roles of educators, as either:

Associate I: Pedagogy and the Role of the Educator (faculty; support or extra curricula)

Associate II: Policy, Practice and Support Culture Change (towards Entrepreneurial University)

To find out more come along to our ‘Impact day for Enterprise Educators’  30th January or get in touch to discuss your options!

If you have any questions or would like to register your interest in any of our programmes please don’t hesitate to contact me, 02476 158126 /