Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2013 – University of Strathclyde

All six shortlisted universities are congratulated for their commitment to enterprise, entrepreneurship, innovation and impact. The 2013 award is made to the University of Strathclyde.

Strathclyde’s distinctiveness as an entrepreneurial university stems from its foundation as a “place of useful learning”. This remains embedded today through a focus upon research with impact; enterprising education for students who want to make a difference and Strathclyde’s positioning as an international university at the heart of a world-class city.

Demonstrations of Strathclyde’s entrepreneurial mindset include: the Enterprise Academy delivering entrepreneurial skills to researchers; its diverse activities in Research and Knowledge Exchange; the spin-out fund and enterprise hub; the student-led entrepreneurial skills development programme; and the Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network.

But beyond these specific initiatives, it is Strathclyde’s emphasis on behaviours such as “Challenging traditional boundaries,” “Questioning their own approaches” and “Encouraging innovation in all that we do” that make it particularly impressive. As entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter, founder of Strathclyde’s Centre for Entrepreneurship said, “Strathclyde is… open to getting an entrepreneurial mindset through every discipline. That mindset is an attitude – it is about thinking in a different way.”

Keith Burnley, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education, and member of the judging team, said, “All short-listed Universities were impressive and the general trend towards a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation and impact is very encouraging. What particularly impressed us about Strathclyde was its commitment towards developing an environment that fosters entrepreneurial thinking and delivers significant entrepreneurial impact, both of which are key aspects of the award.”