Entrepreneurial Institution Leadership Impact Day was held on 19th February 2013 at UUK’s Woburn House Conference Centre in London

Senior academics and professionals attended the conference discussing key strategic areas of university development in relation to enterprise and entrepreneurship.

This was a free one-day workshop funded by BIS to stimulate more entrepreneurship in the tertiary education sector.

The day focused upon the challenges of building an integrated response to entrepreneurial innovation across the university and challenging participants to explore the potential for creating strategic synergies between different areas of enterprising and entrepreneurial activity.

The day included:

  • An exploration and discussion of the rationale for and the relevance of the entrepreneurial concept and the challenges this poses to leadership
  • Senior leaders debating on how they have dealt with challenges and opportunities within their own institutions
  • Group discussions involved sharing experiences, relating to potential institutional change in enhancing the effectiveness of the entrepreneurial university