Impact day for Enterprise Educators – an introduction to IEEP 2013/14


NCEE was delighted to launch the 2013 International Enterprise Educators Programme (IEEP).

The programme began in February 2013 with ‘Impact Days’ that were delivered in partnership with EEUK and form part of the School for Start ups’ Entrepreneurial Institution initiative which is provided specialist events offering sharp, intensive, immediate teaching, training and support to help institutions and thepeople and students within them, to galvanise real change and enhance their fitness to compete in the 21st century.

These 1 day events were targeted at educators in HE and FE and have been specifically designed to support, inform and enable individuals tasked with promoting, facilitating and leading enterprise education in their organisations – enterprise educators.

The sessions provided an opportunity to explore the concepts of enterprise, the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation develop an understanding of NCEE’s philosophy of the ‘9 Masteries of Entrepreneurship Educators ‘experiment with new pedagogical tools and approaches to entrepreneurial learning and meeting with experienced enterprise educators, expert practitioners to learn from best practices for effective enterprise education and to strengthen their own network to support enterprise education activities to progress towards NCEE’s International Enterprise Educators Programme – IEEP

Run jointly by NCEE and Enterprise Educators UK, IEEP brought together leading experts in the field and provided a focused way of sharing best practices in this emerging cross disciplinary area and to provide a truly innovative professional development opportunity.

 Participants who attended Impact Day are entitled to an IEEP discount – Please visit for more info.