Invitation to be a part of the 3EP Oslo Agenda Review and Think Tank

This survey seeks to reflect upon the changes across the sector since the development of the Oslo Agenda (2006

These findings, together with the experience of Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) of the European Commission Summer Academies, will be explored in the “3EP Think Tank” event being held at Plymouth University on 12th September at 9am, prior to the EEUK/NCEE International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference 2012 (

The aim of the Oslo Agenda was “to step up progress in promoting entrepreneurial mindsets in society, systemically and with effective actions”. As a respondent working within Tertiary Education Sector in Europe, you are being asked to comment as to whether the ambition of the Oslo Agenda is being addressed.

The full results of this questionnaire will be shared with those who responded, together with the comments and feedback of the “3EP Think Tank” at IEEC2012 which will seek to produce some recommendations that will be shared with the delegates of IEEC2012.

To complete the survey please click here. The deadline is FRIDAY 27TH JULY 2012.

To register for the 3EP Think Tank at IEEC2012 event on Wednesday 12th September 2012, please click here.