Launch of Wilson Review of Business-Industry Collaboration: A Response from NCEE

NCEE very much welcomes the Wilson Review and thanks Professor Sir Tim Wilson and his team in producing such a comprehensive response to a complex and confusing landscape. We agree with the focus on identifying the small changes that we can all take responsibility for, that are achievable and doable by a wide range of organisations, and that do not rely upon Government intervention. The Wilson Review offers a number of practical actions for our consideration and implementation.

The Wilson Review is timely. It brings a focus to bear on the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship in delivering excellence in innovation and collaborative relationships between universities and a diverse stakeholder base. The Review supports NCEE in the delivery of its vision for a UK HE and FE sector that is entrepreneurial in what it does and encourages and rewards the development of entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours in its students, UG and PG, its staff, its leadership and in its relationships with business and industry, small firms and local communities.

NCEE particularly welcomes the identification of the need for enterprise skills across the campus; in PG students and staff; the focus on building more opportunities with SMEs; working with QAA to embed enterprise across all curricula; the role of universities with LEPs in stimulating local regeneration; the collection of data about the self-employment outcomes of graduates; and the anchor role of universities in local communities.

The diversity and complexity of the HE sector is recognised by the Wilson Review and NCEE agrees that this is what creates its richness and should not be lost. NCEE works across the sector in stimulating institutional capacity building for entrepreneurship through its leadership and staff development activities, and NCEE continues to support graduate entrepreneurship through its online mentoring programme.

NCEE looks forward to working with its partners in exploring how we can best take forward the many recommendations in the Wilson Review and build on existing experiences. The Review is a unique opportunity to make a long-lasting impact on the enterprise landscape and provide enhanced opportunities for our future students, graduates and staff. Being entrepreneurial is no longer an option and our HE and FE institutions in collaboration with business and industry partners can create the types of environments and opportunities that will ensure that enterprise and entrepreneurship are seen as core to the educational experience and not an optional extra.

Thank You.

Prof Paul D. Hannon
Acting CEO
National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE)


To download the full response as a document please click here.

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