Create and NCEE Launch The Scottish Enterprise Educators Programme (SEE)


The Scottish Enterprise Educators Programme (SEE) has been launched by Create, with the support of NCEE. The national programme aims to develop participants to become a new generation of informed, flexible and professional enterprise educators in Scotland, with the further goal to encourage the support of young people in developing enterprise and employability skills.

The course takes inspiration from NCEE’s established International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme (IEEP) to build upon the key principles and knowledge to deliver modules familiar to the IEEP, such as exploring the “enterprising mindset”. On completion of the programme, participants can then go on to gain IEEP Associate Fellows status which can then lead to further accreditation.

The demand for SEE is evident as the programme is fully booked with 17 educators participating from early 2012. The participants’ experiences and expertise range in discipline areas, job roles, with a mix of further and higher education backgrounds making up a dynamic group and network.

Alison Harrison, Enterprise Lecturer at Inverness College UHI is looking forward to taking part, saying, “The need for all our learners to have an enterprising ‘mindset’ is more important than ever – however this gives us a real challenge as educators I am looking forward to this programme as it will introduce me to a broad range of enterprising teaching and learning approaches and encourage me to actively experiment and develop as an enterprising educator.  I firmly believe we need to be role models for our learners and that this programme will help me develop my professional enterprising capacity.”

Programme Director and Head of Create and also IEEP Fellow, Carol Langston added “we are delighted to launch SEE. The programme meets an identified need in the current Scottish Educational Landscape and will not only support the professional development of enterprising educators in an innovative way but help to build a strong network of enterprising educators in Scotland able to exploit opportunities for their learners in the UK and beyond”.

The course will begin in February 2012 over a residential 3-day period covering the first 3 modules, with the final 4th module occurring in June 2012.

SEE are taking registrations of interest for the next programme due to commence in September 2012. If you are interested, please email Carol Langston at

For more information please visit Create at